Arranging a Funeral

The purpose of the funeral ceremony is to signify the event of a death, that a human life has passed, while at the same time paying tribute to that life by way of funeral ceremonies and thus providing the bereaved with some much needed solace and therapy. In the planning of the funeral, it is important to take your time, not only to afford yourself opportunity to realise the magnitude of what has occurred, but also to reflect on the personality and character of the deceased, thus making funeral arrangements in accordance with all the family’s wishes. As your funeral director, we will assist, coordinate and oversee all arrangements and adhere to all legal requirements.

Just a phone call will begin the arrangement process, before a meeting at one of our funeral homes.


When a death occurs at home; you must inform the deceased's doctor and they may complete a Medical Certificate of Death when they visit home or they may request for you to collect this from the surgery, you will then be able to register the death


When a death occurs in hospital; the doctors in the hospital will complete a Medical Certificate of death instead of the family doctor, you will then be able to register the death


When a death has been reported to the coroner; there will be no doctor to complete a Certificate, the coroner will issue a notification of death to the Registrar’s Office in the district where the death has occurred. The Coroner will contact you in regards to whether this notification will be sent directly to the Registrar’s Office or if they require you to collect it.  


Registering a Death

Please note; Most registrars operate an appointment system, please contact them to confirm this. You must register a death within 5 days unless you have been notified of a Coroners investigation.

Embalming/Care of the Body


As part of our commitment to the care of the deceased, we offer the service of embalming. This technique provides for the sanitation and preservation of the body, while at the same time restoring a natural appearance to the deceased and assists in the prevention of infection to the living. This service is carried out to the highest possible standard by our professionally trained embalmers at our mortuary. The mode of dress for the deceased is decided by you.

Book of Condolences


These are supplied by us if desired, and located for signing at the Funeral Ceremony. The attendance listings will prove most useful when the family wants to recall who came.

Obituary Notices


We will gladly assist in the inserting of death notices in newspapers.

Floral Tributes


A wide choice of floral wreaths and sprays are available from our recommended local florists.



If donations are requested in lieu of flowers we can provide a donation box.



Either a single framed photo or a collage of photographs of the deceased through the years can be displayed where the service is held. This type of display usually has a positive effect on the bereaved.



As part of our service we will arrange any organist or soloist to play at a service. Most crematoriums now have their own music system which can we can download recorded music to if instructed.

Service Sheets & Memorial Cards


Funeral Stationery is a way of personalising a funeral and is something family can keep and treasure. We can recommend a stationery printer.